Alpex is an established Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in production and research development of orally administered fast-melt and effervescent treatments. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been on the forefront of developing industry-leading drug delivery solutions and treatments. Alpex has an established high-manufacturing and R&D capacity, making it one of the foremost companies in the world for fast-melt and effervescent tablets. Alpex has a global reputation for Swiss superior high quality and precision, and continues to successfully develop dozens of new drugs for the most demanding markets across the globe.


Founded in 1988, Alpex was created to develop exciting and thoughtful medicines in untreated areas. Soon after its inception, Elan Pharma saw Alpex’s potential and acquired it – growing the company’s focus on Alpex’s burgeoning neuroscience drug development program. Alpex quickly became Elan’s Swiss research and development facility, and subsequently developed multiple proprietary drugs and patents. Many of Alpex’s products and skills offer unique delivery systems that can be applied to a number of existing drugs today.

As Alpex grew, it developed a focused customer-first strategy and forged a global client base attracting many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies as long term drug development partners. In 2020, a pair of entrepreneurs acquired Alpex with the vision to scale their passion for longevity. Combining Alpex’s world class technologies and fundamental pharmaceutical infrastructure with novel medicine and the plethora of modern active pharmaceutical ingredients – Alpex is ushering a new generation of drug development.


We’re a one-stop end-to-end solution of OEM, ODM, and OFM. From creation to completion, we provide consultation, regulatory services, formula development, brand design, labeling and packaging, manufacturing, and international shipping for your products. We have grown and supported our clients locally and internationally with ceaseless product R&D, production, and logistics for a variety of pharma and nutraceutical needs.

Step 1 | Research & Development

Alpex utilizes a vast portfolio of world-class chemists and innovative resources to research and develop your custom formulations. Our in-depth laboratory analysis and stability testing ensure the highest quality, Halal and Kosher compliance, and safe, efficient use of nature’s best resources.

Step 2 | QA & QC

From production and raw materials to final packaging, Alpex quality control and assurance services are measured and practiced in full compliance with Halal, Kosher, and GMP requirements.

Step 3 | Regulatory

We provide regulatory submission and registration services for a wide variety of domestic and international certifications requirements.

Step 4 | Design & Packaging

Packaging and design are key elements in elevating your brand. We work closely with our clients to develop eye-catching, practical packaging and label design for safe, beautiful product presentation.

Step 5 | Production

Alpex possesses a full-service suite of in-house production infrastructure. Our cutting-edge processes allow all products to be mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded, and wrapped efficiently with multiple stages of inspection to ensure consistency and efficacy. Powders and grains are manufactured in isolated rooms to meet custom product specifications and requirements.

Step 6 | Warehouse Logistics

From receiving and sourcing to transferring to shipping, Alpex utilizes established logistics routes and inspection procedures. All orders are packed to our customers’ specifications, no matter the size of the order. Everything from small packages to large international containers are shipped regularly ensuring rapid delivery to meet your needs.


Alpex develops its own proprietary in-house products as well as custom formulations
for a wide variety of pharma, nutraceutical, and anti-aging applications.

Beauty and Anti-Aging

Groundbreaking discoveries from nature are the backbone of our beauty and anti-aging formulas. We have helped our clients scale successfully in the rapidly scaling nutricosmetics market, one of the latest trends in nutraceuticals. Our beauty and anti-aging products focus on holistic beauty from the inside out.


Our beauty and anti-aging formulations are delivered via powdered drinks, liquid drinks, consumable powder, capsules (oil/powder), tablets, soluble tablets, chewables, and jellies.

Health and Wellness

More and more people are experiencing biological and psychological imbalances. Thus, it is not surprising to see the rising statistics in various diseases. Stress and pollution are intertwined, and both are an integral part of modern life, but accepting physical and mental maladies doesn’t have to be. Our Nutraceutical formulas provide market-oriented health and wellness solutions to detoxify, restore, and balance the mind and body for optimal living in a hectic modern world.


Our health and wellness formulations are delivered via powdered drinks, liquid drinks, consumable powder, capsules (oil/powder), tablets, soluble tablets, chewables, and jellies.

Weight Management

Personal fitness is one of the largest concerns in modern society, and it is also one of the most difficult to achieve and sustain. Whether your targeted consumers demand metabolic boosts, cravings minimisation, or food/nutritional supplements, Alpex Nutraceuticals weight management formulas provide highly effective solutions with minimal lifestyle adjustments for consumers.


Our weight management formulations are delivered via powdered drinks, liquid drinks, consumable powder, capsules (oil/powder), tablets, soluble tablets, chewables, jellies,  and tea-bags (leaves/herbs).


1| Experienced

Alpex Nutraceuticals holds 10 years of nutraceuticals development manufacturing experience, and we are continuously growing in the health, beauty, and wellness markets.

2 | Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Alpex holds numerous international certifications and features a broad portfolio of safety and quality-control protocols.

3 | Incremental Innovation

As a forward-think organization, Alpex invests in cutting-edge technology and future capabilities to fulfill unmet market demands. Becoming the global leader for longevity nutraceuticals is our target that drives our passion.

4 | Infinite Possibilities

Our vision for health and wellness solutions is as broad as human experience itself. We are a dynamic company with a passion for discovering, developing, and scaling solutions to address the pain points of modern society.



Our manufacturing facilities produce more than 200 million units annually. We produce pharmaceutical products in a dedicated area that is independent and completely separated from the nutraceutical production area. Alongside our other facilities, our manufacturing plants systematically qualify for routine Good Practice inspections.

Core  manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Loading
  • Granulation
  • Cleaning stations
  • Blending and unloading
  • Tableting
  • Tubbing
  • Water purification Tanks


No lab is truly complete without a PGW (pharma-grade warehouse). Our FDA- and Swissmedic-certified warehouse provides industry-leading reliability for storing sensitive medicines and products, achieved through constant monitoring of factors that could impact the products’ quality such as humidity and vapor, gasses, heat, and conventional air conditioning.

Our 1,000 sqm, 1,200 pallet capacity facility has the following features:


  • FDA–approved GMP warehouse and expansive truck fleet
  • Swiss Medic-approved facility undergoing regular inspections
  • Safe handling of narcotics and controlled substances
  • Global logistics and export facility
  • State-of-the-art equipment for control, security, and monitoring of product
  • Humidity control and moisture protection
  • Next door to the Alpex laboratory and manufacturing facility


Our state-of-the-art 5,000m² labs are FDA, Swissmedic, EU-GMP, and BRC-FOOD approved.


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